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Technology is evolving healthcare! We want our patients to have access to the team and Dr. Howze!

Rhinogram’s HIPAA-compliant, telehealth platform enables a better patient experience by making remote healthcare possible, simplifying communication and minimizing interruptions with real-time, text-based patient engagement–with no patient app to download. Because convenience matters!  We selected this technology to help our patients save time and provide a direct link to Dr. Howze and the team to help keep your children healthy.

Save time and stay connected...

4 out of 5 patients prefer texting their provider over speaking on the phone.

Texts drastically reduce voicemails and follow up calls. We would like for you to text us with your general questions about Bee Well El Paso Pediatrics. We will ask you to provide us consent with the first conversation initiated. Afterward, your number will be saved and our conversations recorded with Rhinogram. Once you become an established patient, you may ask us your medical questions, request medication refills and continue continuity of care. The conversations will be stored in your medical record. Need to know more, TEXT US by using the green "Message Us" box or directly text the main office number, 915-255-0905!.

Send pictures and attachments, reducing unnecessary appointments.

Patient Communication Record

Every conversation is encrypted and permanently stored in the cloud and becomes part of your record that can easily be accessed.

Join Our Beehive! 

You have the convenience of secured HIPPA complaint texting OR calling the main office number

24/7/365 access to a live person to leave a message.

Any concerns after 6 pm, if you deem it an emergency, the pediatrician will be notified.

Get Started

Concern over a reaction from medication after 6 pm? Call the office number and have access to a live operator that will put you in contact with Dr. Howze. If it’s an emergency, the Doctor will be notified immediately!

Innovation and Technology to Pediatric care is our mission.

24/7 access. Same Day Appointments are Available.


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